Forma3D Face Visor (Thermoforming production)

Visor Facial - Forma3D

The design of the Forma 3D Face Visor is unique because it started from a blank sheet design.

When we realized the effort that the entire community was applying to solve the difficulty of purchasing protection products, we realized that most solutions would not have the capacity to produce large volumes and therefore price to satisfy market needs and be an alternative products from the orient.

We combine in a design, protection, lightness, ergonomics, anti-fog ventilation, a design compatible with one of the fastest and most economical production processes on the market.

The product is designed for a more intensive use for all people, companies, health workers, who need to spend several hours with the PPE’s in place.

To avoid using anti-fog material because its efficiency in an unsealed environment (as in food packaging) is debatable, in addition to being more expensive, we bet everything on a design that maximizes air circulation, both vertically and cross section and the first prototypes allow for a fluid passage without fogging.

A product designed to be 100% recyclable, as the fastening buckles are molded together with the visor. At the end of life, you don’t have to separate elements, you just put them in the yellow ecopoint. We are stabilizing the plastic formulation, in order to maintain the necessary degree of transparency, with the incorporation of recycled material in its composition.

We thus have a circular economy product and proof that plastics, if used well and separated, are an asset to society and not the problem.

Plastics won’t end up in the oceans alone.



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Forma 3D Face Visor